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About Us

Mottola Rini Engineers, P.C., is a full service consulting engineering firm involved in the engineering and design of mechanical and electrical systems for all types of building applications. Among the services offered are engineering for heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, plumbing and fire protection systems, electrical power and lighting systems, communications and signal systems, surveys and reports.

Founded in 1988, the firm is licensed and registered in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, 25 other states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.

Mottola Rini Engineers works in close association with their clients to create functional, efficient and cost effective systems. This is accomplished by strict coordination with the architect and/or client, the user groups, and with facilities personnel. A team approach is applied to all projects. This provides the required depth of knowledge and design ability for all trades and systems. The project manager, typically one of the partners, coordinates the in-house engineering to produce an integrated design. The project manager stays with the project throughout its design, bidding and construction phases.

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